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    By Susan Holzem


    ATTENTION!!! We are permanently closed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, thank you thank you thank you!!!

    For your business, it has been a dream come true working with all of you!!!

    Stay tuned ....

    My next sprout will be in Central Oregon,

    in love & light,

    Susan Holzem



  • Hello & Welcome!

    My name is Susan Holzem, I am a Massage Therapist, Craniosacral Therapist, and owner of Upeksha Therapeutic Bodywork located in NE Portland within IN-Tune Integrative Wellness. Welcome to my integrative massage practice! It is my belief healing happens from within and may be enhanced with some assistance from outside influences. Through my bodywork practice it is my intention to help restore balance and equanimity within the body & mind so that you may be better able to revitalize yourself. I practice a wide range of massage modalities including Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Therapy , Craniosacral Therapy & Relaxation Massage. During a typical session I will incorporate many of these techniques to customize a treatment attuned to your specific wants and needs. In addition to massage I practice Reiki and can do combo sessions if this is something that interests you.

  • Upeksha Massage Modalities:

    Craniosacral Therapy

    Gently release persistent patterns of trauma and holding. Craniosacral therapists are trained to palpate the subtle fluid motions located deep within the nervous system (NS). When the nervous system is overwhelmed by stress or trauma, the body’s immune function is impaired. NS dysfunction is a factor in 80% of symptoms for which patients seek medical attention. Through gentle touch and holding of the bony and soft tissues around the central nervous system, craniosacral therapy (CST) affects this fluid system and helps restore its function of self-healing and trauma resolution.

    Myofascial Release

    Myofascial release uses sustained pressure and slow, focused strokes to affect the connective tissue (fascia) and deep layers of muscle which define posture and contribute to chronic pain. Typically, little or no lotion is used.

    Fascia surrounds and supports muscle tissue and provides support during habitual postures and activities. Relaxing the muscles alone provides temporary relief, but working the surrounding fascia allows the body’s support structures to lengthen and reshape in more functional patterns, freeing “stuck” areas and leading to more profound and long-lasting postural change.


    Deep Tissue

    Deep tissue massage is bodywork designed to relieve chronic and severe tension in the muscles and connective tissue (fascia.) Sessions usually focus on a specific area or on resolving a particular problem. Deep tissue should not be confused with deep pressure massage, which incorporates strong pressure throughout a full body session, but is not designed to address a specific complaint.

    Trigger Point

    Trigger point therapy targets hyperirritable areas within muscle tissue which may refer (or “trigger”) pain to other areas. Pressure is held on these points for up to 60 seconds or until tenderness decreases. The goal is to interrupt the “pain-contraction-pain” cycle, allowing the nervous system to reset with the muscles in a more relaxed position. Over time, trigger point therapy can reeducate the neuromuscular system to move in functional, pain free ways.

    Relaxation Massage

    Relaxation massage known as Swedish massage, is the most commonly practiced form of massage. It uses long, gliding strokes, kneading, friction, and percussion to increase circulation and induce relaxation. In addition to the immediate effects, it boosts the immune system, improves sleep and concentration, relieves soreness and fatigue, and reduces stress levels.

    Relax, Rejuvenate and Energize!


      Reiki is the life energy that flows through all living things. Reiki Practitioners understand that everyone has the ability to connect with their own healing energy and use it to strengthen energy in themselves and help others. A session can either be hands-on, where a Practitioner will apply a light touch during the session, or hands-off where they will hold their hands slightly above your body. The session will then proceed with the Reiki Practitioner moving through specific standard Reiki hand positions beginning at the person’s head or feet. A recipient of Reiki might feel a warming sensation or a tingling during the session or nothing at all but sheer relaxation. The session should be very pleasant, relaxing and invigorating.

    • Bodywork Pricing:


      30 Minute Customized Bodywork Session $55

      45 Minute Customized Massage Session $70

      60 Minute Customized Massage Session $88

      75 Minute Customized Massage Session $105

      90 Minute Customized Massage Session $125

      120 Minute Customized Massage Session $170


      You may pay with Cash or Credit Card. We Accept Visa/ Mastercard/ American Express/ or Discover



    • A Little Bit About Upeksha

      So....What is the meaning of Upeksha?


      It is the sanskrit word for equanimity, even mindedness, and Letting go. The fourth element of true love in Buddhist belief, Upeksha is the wisdom of equality in which all boundaries, discrimination and prejudices are removed while leading to the sublime unity where there is no self and no other. With equanimity one may carry with them the ability to take a large view and to look over the whole of the situation not bound by one side nor the other. It is in equanimity we experience our true selves.




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